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Kronosville Custom Plugin (OneB) Documentation

Name Usage Description Aliases
/dovahzul (E|D) <message> Translate to and from the language of the dragons. (E|D) is the language to translate to, E being English and D being Dovahzul, or Dragon. /dt, /dovah, /dov
/dovahzulchat Toggle Dovahzul chat mode. All messages sent while in Dovahzul chat mode will automatically be translated into Dovahzul. /dc, /dtc, /dchat
/pvp Toggle PvP on or off. Players with PvP off cannot damage other players, or be hit by other players themselves. Players with PvP on can hit other players, and can also be damaged by other players who have PvP on. /pvptoggle, /togglepvp
/addlore add <lore>|set <lore>|delete Add lore to the item you're holding. /lore, /al
/rename <name> Rename the item you're holding. /name
/oneb [reload] Reload the config.